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Training regime

Start the day with a 3-5 mile run (the closer the fight the more running you should do)

Eat breakfast

Diet plan


If you are in heavy training for an upcoming fight then your diet should consist of high protein and low fat (including your breakfast). The following breakfast should be a regular meal ‘every morning’.

You should drink 2 glasses of water to re-hydrate you after your sleep.



NOTE: Plenty of water should be drunk throughout the day, even more so on a day of training.

As you can see the type of meat that is constant throughout the diet is chicken and turkey breast. This is because they are both white meat and do not have a high fat content but are high in protein. They are also very easy for the body to digest, which is idle for making weight for your fight.

If you have any questions about the Diet plan then please do not hesitate to contact my team via e-mail.

Good Luck


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